The more people you bring in to play the game the more money you win.

Instantarr is an online casino which involves players staking sums of money with a very high probability of at least 20% return on the stake. For now, Instanatrr has two main games:- Percentarr and Multipliarr.

Playing the Percentarr is like trading; you have about 75 percent probability of winning about 20 percent of your stake. If you stake with N5000.00, you stand a chance of winning N6000.00. That is a profit of N1000 by staking N5000. With N10,000, you can win N12000, the profit is N2000. And you know what? you can win several times in one day.

Playing the Multipliarr is like multiplying your stake, you cannot play the multipliarr FIVE times without winning an amount. With just N250, you can win any of the following amounts depending on your luck:- N500, N1250, N2500, N12500, N25000, N125,000, N250,000, N1,250,000, N2,500,000, N12,500,000, N25,000,000, N125,000,000 and N250,000,000.

No other Game of Chance in Nigeria gives the Player instant prize that is lodged instantly into the player's bank account or a prize that can instantly be re-used in staking.

Dare to be a Multi-millionnaire by playing Instantarr, you will not regret it.

Instantarr is self-sustaining and continuity is guaranteed.