About Us

Transcon Games ltd is duly incorporated and registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number RC 1479837. It has its registered office at 6, Otite Close, Sapele, Delta State and a liaison office at Ikoyi, Lagos. The company is licensed by the Delta State (Delta State Board of Internal Revenue) with License Number DTCL/001 to operate Casino Gaming Business.
It owns and operates Instantarr Casino Games.
Transcon Games Ltd prides itself in the simplicity of the Instantarr Casino Games, the ease of play, speed of transaction and excellent customer care.
Instantarr Game is a Digital Game of Chance which involves players staking sums of money with a very high probability of at least 10% return on investment. All transactions are through the bank on the hand phone or internet with instant result:--a Win OR Loss; a game of chance.
Players can stake 10000 times without losing and also can stake once and lose. The game is aimed at enriching majority of players.
Players may stake amounts that can make them become richer and also can lose if they are unlucky.
Players must be 18 years and above.
Finally, staking is by Debit Card, USSD, mobile App. and online banking only.