1. Instantarr Games as a product is owned by Transcon Games Ltd hereinafter known as TRANSCON.
2.  Anyone who plays Instantarr Games is referred to as Player or Staker or User.
3.  Only persons aged above 18 years can play Instantarr Games. You cannot register for the games if you are below 18 years old.
4.  Those younger than 18 years are barred and do so at the risk of forfeiting any win.
5.  The player must have a bank account in Nigeria and be able do Mobile and/or Internet banking.
6.  Placing a Stake is by USSD, Mobile banking or Internet (Online) banking only. It cannot be done by ATM or Over the counter payment.
7.  TRANSCON limits the maximum number of stakes from any bank account to 25 (twenty five) daily. Extra stakes shall be rejected.
8.  All stakes are automatically processed by computers.
9.  TRANSCON shall not be liable for taxes on Winning. Winners are required to pay taxes on their winnings to Government.
10.  TRANSCON Percenter and Multiplier are games of chance in which you can gain or lose your stake. It is pure luck. TRANSCON is not liable for lost stakes.
11.  TRANSCON has not authorized any persons as agents. Transactions with unauthorized agents are at the User’s risk.
12.  Only certified bank records of transactions are acceptable to TRANSCON in case of dispute resolution with players.
13.  Instantarr games are purely for entertainment and not for commercial purposes. TRANSCON is not liable for any other use than personal entertainment.
14.  The service is restricted to your personal use and you are barred from letting a third party use your bank account to play any of Instantarr Games.
15.   TRANSCON stakes are restricted to those stated in the Percentarr and Multipliarr. All other stakes are invalid and shall be rejected. Make sure the correct amount is staked.
16.   Instantarr games are computer operated in accordance with a program. The decision of the program is final and not subject to change or legal litigation.
17.  On no condition shall a win be sent to a bank account other than that from which the stake was sent. All monies won shall be sent to bank accounts from which they came.
18.   Instantarr Games can only be played in Nigerian Naira.
19.  TRANSCON shall not be liable for delays in banking transactions including debit and credit alerts.
20.  Management and staff of Transcon Games Ltd. are barred from playing the games except when testing the performance of the system. Any winnings are void.
21.  TRANSCON reserves the right to withdraw any game from play with or without notice temporarily or permanently.
22.  Transcon is not liable for losses due to bank accounts operations and users are to ensure that the pin, account number and passwords are not divulged to third parties. On no account must a User/Player allow a third party to use his bank account to play Instantarr games.
23.  TRANSCON is not liable for whatever happens to a win after it has arrived in the bank account of the player. Players are advised to keep secret the amount they win.
24.  Any complaints arising from playing the games must be brought to the Customer Care Department of TRANSCON within 7 days of staking. Thereafter the complaint shall be void.
25.  The credit alert and NOT the congratulatory message is confirmation of a win. In case of conflict the credit alert supersedes the congratulations or sorry messages. TRANSCON is not liable for congratulatory messages not backed by credit alerts.
26.  Only stakes from correctly login users and sent to the right bank accounts designated by TRANSCON shall be deemed valid.
27.  Cash cannot be accepted by TRANSCON. Cash TRANSFERS from a bank account using smart phones, ATM cards and standing orders are the only ways of playing Instantarr.
28.  Stakers cannot use third party bank accounts as a WIN will be paid only to the account from which the BET/STAKE was placed. Transcon will neither be involved in nor entertain nor be liable to, any third party disputes involving wins.
29.  TRANSCON will partner with designated financial institutions in Nigeria for the seamless operations of Transcon Instantarr Games.
30.  Even with a Naira account in Nigeria, you cannot play the Games in any Country or State where Gambling is prohibited. TRANSCON is not liable for your actions.