1. Sign up by clicking the Sign-up on the MENU and follow the instruction
2. You will fill in your profile when you click on Profile on the MENU bar and follow the instructions.
3. The player must have a bank account. The account must be Naira ONLY.
4. Placing a Stake is by Debit Card, USSD, Mobile banking or Internet (Online) banking only. Your bank account will be immediately debited.
5. The same account that is debited in 4 above will be credited immediately if there is a win OR any other account selected by the player.
6. You are now ready to play the Games.
7. Click Casino Games on the MENU bar to show the different Games available
8. Click on the particular Game you want to play; click on Learn more and a POP-UP will tell you about the Game.
9. Close the POP-UP
10. Click on Top-up to move money from your bank account to your e-wallet; this ensures that you do not have to go back to your bank account each time you want to play.
11. Click on Stake Options, different betting amounts will appear, click on the desired staking amount; it will appear on the Stake Options space.
12. Click on Play.
13. A message will appear below immediately; either Congratulation, you won OR Sorry, you lost.
14. Repeat 10 to 12 for another stake on the same Game
15. To change Game, go back to Casino Games on the MENU bar.
16. At the end of the playing period, click on the CASH OUT button to move the balance including any winnings from your e-wallet to your bank account if so wish OR leave it in your e- wallet for future stakes.
17. Log out each time you finish playing the Game; it will time out if you do not.
18. Log in whenever you want to play subsequently